Saturday, June 11, 2011


okay today im so bored and i dont know what topic i want to share with the readers. em okay. wait oh yeah! about cartoon! hehe. now zee masih tengok cartoon even getting older year by year and now im turning seventeen but still. lol. baba selalu marah bila zee tengok cartoon because he say that im big enough. then why i cant walk alone, hangout alone if im big enough? haha. thats mean he still thought that im his little daughter :D oh yeah by the way, antara cartoon yang jadi kegilaan zee ialah anime, conan, shinchan, doreamon, spongebob, jimmy neutron, ben10, winx club, tom & jerry, fairly odd parents, apa lagi eh? banyak kali sebenarnya. tapi zee pun dah lupa. haha. ada yang pasal bola sepak dekat channel disneyland, yang tu pun best! haa kan best if im still 5 years old. whatever i do, orang takkan marah. yeah ofcourse im still young and immatured right :')

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