Friday, May 4, 2012


**for you, i've wrote this poem on the night that we broke up  :')**

every time when i think about you, my heart beats you 
every time when i see you, it will makes me smilei could'nt imagine how can i through this life without you
no words can describe how much you really mean to me

i still remember when you make me laugh
i still remember when you like to do silly face when I'm not in the mood
i still remember when you always make funny when im sad 

but now everything seems fade away 
no laugh, no jokes, no funny anymore 
those moment about us are very brilliant to me 
there's no tomorrow for me when you're not  around 
every time when i sleep, i always dream of you 
i feel like i dont even want to open my eyes because i just wanna be with you even its only just in a dream 
i wish you were ere everytime when i think about you 
all i can say now is, I M I S S Y O U

24 april 2012 <3

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